Sale and marketing۱۳۹۹-۵-۲۶ ۱۶:۳۷:۴۲ +۰۴:۳۰

Mersana with expert and skillful sales and marketing teams is in clise relation with at least 17,000 pharmacies, hospitals, medical centers, clinics and factories operating throughout Iran and has a close relationship with doctors, pharmacists, dentists and people active in this field and having twenty experts and proficient heads in Marketing activities
These expert members sale all the following goods in all parts of our country:

1- Chemical, herbal, biological drugs including vaccines, anti-cancers and hormones, advanced drugs such as nano liposomes pharmacies and hospitals and other customers

2- All raw materials, both effective and excipients to factories and industries

3- Nutritional supplements ,dietary ,bodybuilding supplements and probiotics …

4- Foods and dry milks and infant formulas

5- Cosmetic and hygienic products

6- Medical & pharmaceutical equipment