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Join Mersana users Our goal is to improve the quality of community health and progress and culture in all areas of health powerful Targeted Moral Trustworth


Our members of mersana are with twenty years of experience in importing , supplying the following items from all over the world for our country and other countries:

۱- The import of all drugs, including registered, urgent and emergency drugs,single prescription medicines from all over the world, our team has expertise and experience in these fields.
This is in the field of all chemical, herbal, biological drugs, including vaccines, and anti-cancer and hormonal drugs, high-tech drugs. Nano liposomes and….

۲- Import of all raw materials, both effective and excipients.

۳- Importing nutritional and dietary supplements and bodybuilding supplements

۴- Importing infant foods , dry milk and dietary products

۵- Importing cosmetic and hygienic products

۶- Importing medical pharmaceutical supplies

۷- Import of medical, health and pharmaceutical equipment

In our training section, we will teach all these above mention fields to interested trainees.

Our company members with twenty years of experience in exporting and supplying goods to foreign markets from all over the world is active in the following areas:
۱- The export of all drugs, including from all over the world, has expertise and experience.

۲- Export of all raw materials, both effective and excipients

۳- Export of nutritional , dietary supplements and bodybuilding supplements

۴- Export of baby foods ,dry milk
and dietary priducts
۵- Export of cosmetic and hygienic products

۶- Export of medical and pharmaceutical supplies

۷- Export of medical, health and pharmaceutical equipment

In our training section, we will teach all these topics to interested trainees.

Mersana Group is transferring technology and pre-formulation in various ways including contract and conventional produce, under license production, co-production in various fields and chemical pharmaceutical products, medicinal plants, high-tech and biological drugs and nano-liposomes, dietary supplements and bodybuilding supplements,Dry milk, active and by-products ,raw materials, cosmetics and hygienic products,pharmaceutical supplies ,probiotics and herbal drugs.

Mersana produces, participates and invests in all products related to its field of activities in the following ways:
۱- Generic contract production and…
۲- Producing under license
۳- Bulk packaging
۴- Formulation of new products

In our training section, we will teach all these topics to interested trainees.

All the required items are available to everyone in all parts of Iran. Mersana Group is able to provide regproduction, urgent, single copy and… community health items in the shortest time.
The group is also proud to be active in this field for other countries.

In our training section, we will teach all these topics to interested trainees.

Mersana with expert and skillful sales and marketing teams is in clise relation with at least 17,000 pharmacies, hospitals, medical centers, clinics and factories operating throughout Iran and has a close relationship with doctors, pharmacists, dentists and people active in this field and having twenty experts and proficient heads in Marketing activities
These expert members sale all the following goods in all parts of our country:

۱- Chemical, herbal, biological drugs including vaccines, anti-cancers and hormones, advanced drugs such as nano liposomes and..
to pharmacies and hospitals and other customers
۲- All raw materials, both effective and excipients to factories and industries

۳- Nutritional supplements ,dietary ,bodybuilding supplements and probiotics …

۴- Foods and dry milks and infant formulas

۵- Cosmetic and hygienic products

۶- Medical & pharmaceutical equipment

Mersana R&D team consists of university professors, produce manager,formulators ,sale and marketing manager and technical manager of the company work together to advance the company’s goals.

Mersana, with this team have excellent cooperation with reputable factories ,laboratories and universities to reinforce its’ abilities in below topics:
۱- Producing and developing and searching in :chemical medicines , herbal products, biological drugs, including vaccines, anti-cancers ,hormones high-tech drugs, nano Liposomes ,raw materials(both effective and excipients ) , Nutritional dietary , body building supplements Baby foods ,dry milk and infant formula ,hygienic and Cosmetic products ,Medical pharmaceutical supplies,Medical, health, pharmaceutical equipment
۲-Helping to establish new startups
۳-Consulting services to other companies and groups in all stages of registration, import and export, and…
۴-Providing medical services and counseling
۵-Obtaining representation
۶-Preparing all documents for submit the products in Food and Drug Administration and Iranian ministry of health , such as: CTD, ECTD, DMF, PIAF, SOP, ISO, GMP and attain all approvals and standards, assistant and training to technical managers of companies and factories,Cooperation to pass the phase of clinical studies and bio equvalence and pharmacovigilance and all laboratory tests and obtaining the label of authenticity for health-oriented products,Preparing business plan and feasibility study in all cases

Drug formulation is one of manufacture process under the supervision of the Research and Development Department.
Our mention products are containing the active ingredients of the drugs those can be consumed by humans in the form of solids (tablets, capsules, suppositories, etc.), semi-solids (ointments, gels, lotions, creams) Liquids (syrups, emulsions, suspensions, etc.) injections (ampoules, vials, serums, etc.)
Formulation is the most important stage of drug production and after that producing in different dosage forms is important before packaging, during these process products will become ready for market .


Our commitment, your satisfaction!

Mersana Pharmed Company Shareholders and members of Mersana Pharmed Company with its thirty years of experience in medicine, food, supplements, cosmetics, hygienics ,health services and all matters in the field of health with a team consisting of businessmen, academics, instructors willing to provide any assistance, assistance and advice in Areas: Entrepreneurship training, establishment and commissioning, raising capital, formulation, marketing and marketing and sales, regulatory management, technical responsibilities, import, export, project management, job offers and investment and arranging the necessary contracts for you dear ones. And in this regard, it is ready to follow in your footsteps and even as a partnership with you to achieve the necessary result in the shortest time.

Mersana Pharmed Company, as a dynamic, efficient complex and from the beginning of its’ path of progress and development, in order to achieve its goals, which is the company’s progress through continuous improvement, implements the principles, concepts and approaches of excellence based on previous business models. He has worked in the field of medicine and health in Iran.

What to expect from progress:
• Creating spiritual and material values ​​for all stakeholders
• Foresight and inspiration, along with steadfastness in pursuing the intended goals
• Decision-making and management of the company through a set of related and interconnected systems, processes and realities and by the collective decision and consultation of shareholders and expert stakeholders
• Attract maximum employee participation through the development of communication and their involvement in affairs
• Continuously review the current situation and make changes in order to innovate and create opportunities for improvement by using learning and benefiting from a creative and efficient research and development team and think tank.
• Identify current and future customer needs and strive to respond effectively to stakeholder expectations
• Supporting and empowering employees in order to continuously improve the quality of the company’s products and actions in various fields
• Focus on improving processes related to product quality and other company actions to satisfy customers and stakeholders
• Develop partnerships, resources and maintain internal and external collaborations that create added value for the company
• Attracting investors and business partners without borders
• Achieving strategic goals and results that satisfy all company stakeholders and customers
With a strong belief and determination, while participating in this, we think of strengthening and supporting the culture of excellence at the company level.
• Contract manufacturing and production under license and technology transfer and supply and import and export of drugs, supplements and raw materials and…
• We believe that with common determination and hand in hand, relying on the knowledge and experience of all partners and moving towards achieving the real position of Mersana in the pharmaceutical industry and the health of the country and the people of Iran and other countries, we are able to achieve We achieve something important. It will never be possible along this path, except for teamwork and the advancement of the ideas of human resources, and we hope to be diligent in promoting the name of Mersana in this path.


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