Development and entrepreneurship۱۳۹۹-۵-۲۶ ۱۶:۴۵:۰۲ +۰۴:۳۰

Research and Development and entrepreneurship:

Mersana R&D team consists of university professors, produce manager,formulators ,sale and marketing manager and technical manager of the company work together to advance the company’s goals.

Mersana, with this team have excellent cooperation with reputable factories ,laboratories and universities to reinforce its’ abilities in below topics:
1- Producing and developing and searching in :chemical medicines , herbal products, biological drugs, including vaccines, anti-cancers ,hormones high-tech drugs, nano Liposomes ,raw materials(both effective and excipients ) , Nutritional dietary , body building supplements Baby foods ,dry milk and infant formula ,hygienic and Cosmetic products ,Medical pharmaceutical supplies,Medical, health, pharmaceutical equipment
2-Helping to establish new startups
3-Consulting services to other companies and groups in all stages of registration, import and export, and…
4-Providing medical services and counseling
5-Obtaining representation
6-Preparing all documents for submit the products in Food and Drug Administration and Iranian ministry of health , such as: CTD, ECTD, DMF, PIAF, SOP, ISO, GMP and attain all approvals and standards, assistant and training to technical managers of companies and factories,Cooperation to pass the phase of clinical studies and bio equvalence and pharmacovigilance and all laboratory tests and obtaining the label of authenticity for health-oriented products,Preparing business plan and feasibility study in all cases