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 About us

Mersana Pharmed Holding is a pharmaceutical holding, with 30 years of experience, established by shareholders and partners of this group. With the aim of improving the community in every aspect, This company works in various fields such as medicines and pharmaceutical products,equipments, medical supplies, raw materials, food supplements,foods ,cosmetic,hygienic and health care products . Mersana Holding remains committed and promotes environmental sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) throughout all areas of operation.

Company topic

The subject of company
.Research and development
.Job search
.Student admission for other countries
. Preparation of business plan for

Areas of activity

This company started to provide ,sales, import and export,distribute, market,act in research and development, produce and training in the below fields:

Pharmaceutical products (registered and emergency medicines), nutritional supplements and bodybuilding supplements,cosmetics and hygienic products, raw materials, medical equipment and pharmaceutical and medical supplies, educational and training services and health tourism services.

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Our goal is success, prosperity, health, security, vitality, community health promotion

International activities

Our company is in close contact with countries including USA, Canada, Australia, European countries(including Germany, Spain, UK ,Portugal ) and Asia(including Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iraqi Kurdistan, Turkey, Cyprus, Oman and…) with various factories and companies around the world.

The field of these communications are :
Cooperation , transactions, international and trade, concluding international contracts and having different agencies in the fields of purchase, sale and supply (export and import) of all health items, medicines ,cosmetic and hygienic products ,supplements, medical equipment and supplies.


Our team has been active in various fields of health and medicine for more than twenty years and has been able to communicate and establish partnershipments with teams, companies and leading individuals in these fields.

The reasons for our superiority

_ Efficient and skilled team in all fields

_ High morale of teamwork in the company

_ High perseverance of people

_ Effective communication with companies and institutions related to this field inside and outside the country

_ Active thinking room

_ Research and knowledge-based activities

_ Educational and scientific activities

_ Creating efficient companies

_ Training and hiring effective people

_ Creating startups

_ Participation in all projects (if necessary and request)

_ Attracting investors

_ Providing any advice in all business stages

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Address: No. 1, Kaveh St., Dolat St., Dolat St., Tehran, Iran

Phone: 09058186302 – 09030651672

Email: info@mersanapharmed.com

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Mersana is a great change in the pharmaceutical industry