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with a long record of 30 years , shareholders and partners in this collection were collected in various fields of medicine , medicine , equipment , basic materials , nutrition , food , and health , with the aim of enhancing the qualitative level of community health and development and culture in all areas of health in the last year .

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Distribution and distribution
Sales and marketing
Research and development

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Areas of activity

The company started working to provide selling , import and export services , distribution , marketing , research and development , production and training . The company ‘s activities in the fields of pharmaceuticals ( booked ,drugs , emergency medicine , medicine medicine ) , nutrition supplements and fitness , basic materials , medical equipment , medical supplies and educational services .
of course.

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You will enter into the arena of import and export and be manufactured and manufactured .

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موفقیت ، رونق ، سلامت ، امنیت ، نشاط  ، ارتقا بهداشتی جامعه ، هدف ماست


The company has close relations with countries (including USA, Canada, Australia, European countries including England, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Asia including Malaysia, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Iraq, Afghanistan, Kurdistan of Iraq, Turkey, Cyprus, Oman …

Areas of Communication: Collaborations, International Trade, Close International Trade Agreements, Disclosure of Different Representations in Shopping, Sales, Exports & Exports, General Health Supplies, Medicines, Supplements, Cosmetics, Medical Equipment, Supplies.


Our team has been in these fields for over twenty years in the fields of health and medicine and … the ability to communicate and interact with the teams and companies and elite people in these fields .

Reasons for superiority

Reasons for our excellence
۴٫ Efficient and skilled team in all fields
The spirit of teamwork in the company
High Perseverance
۴٫ Effective communication with companies and institutions related to this field at home and abroad
۱٫ Active thinking room
Research and knowledge-based activities
Educational and scientific activities
Creating efficient companies
Training and hiring effective people
Create startups

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